<aside> 🔥 Our mission is to make the blockchain accessible to everyday users.


We support new users of the decentralized economy - enabled with the potential of a DAO

We deploy and experiment with a range of ideas, experiments that deliver economic empowerment, transparent governance, treasury management, and organization.



FourNouns is a positive-sum experience for the next 100 million blockchain users.

For the new world to eat the old, passive investments are not good enough. To deliver sustained crypto adoption, we must clearly demonstrate crypto’s value proposition, get newcomers to use decentralized applications, and live within the crypto-economy.

We have to turn tourists into citizens.

Our journey begins with an accessibility review from a functional, economic, and technical perspective. Accessibility is the ease of adoption and use cases —  a key factor in bringing blockchain to billions.

Our onboarding experiences are defined through an ecosystem’s culture, types of builders, digital assets, the evolution of the economy, and mass adoption capability.

Blockchain, like all disruptive technologies, has a diversity problem that further limits accessibility. For the most part, blockchain expertise is confined to the financial and technological industries and the affluent influencers that dominate them.

Traditional investments feel inaccessible to the next generation of investors. The current market trends and a hyped narrative of NFTs and blockchain continue to widen the adoption gap.

Crypto is poorly represented in traditional media and is known to be complex, intimidating, and overwhelming for first-time users. Companies across the scale have a responsibility to dispel confusion, seek diversity, and build for better business.

We can accelerate crypto adoption and growth with a sense of community that's welcoming to new users. While everyone may not be ready with self-custody wallets and instantly become a degenerate ape, it is immensely valuable for new users to have hands-on experience using Web3 and be rewarded with financial gains.

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